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155 Berkley Street
Waltham, MA 02451

155 Berkley Street
Waltham, MA 02451

E-Waste / Electronics Recycling Services

Providing computer recycling and all other technology recycling services in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Rhode Island for many years.  Take a look at how Surplus Technology Solutions can help your business, school, hospital and non-profit.

We Help You Dispose of Old Technology 

Computer Recycling Services

Discover expert corporate computer recycling solutions. Go green, save money, and make a positive impact. We offer pickup and recycling of your outdated computers. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR COMPUTER RECYCLING

Computer Recycling Services

Recycling electronics can present a challenging task when it comes to the secure and responsible disposal of outdated electronic equipment, along with ensuring the complete destruction of the data stored on these devices…. LEARN MORE


We offer comprehensive data destruction services, including both on-site and off-site hard drive destruction. You can choose between our Serialized Drive Reporting, available for a small fee, or a straightforward drive count approach to suit your specific needs…. LEARN MORE.   Contact us for Certified Hard Drive Destruction Services

we recycle medical equipment in the greater Boston and Cambridge area

STS makes the process of decommissioning laboratory and medical equipment assets simple and secure. We take special steps in the areas of security, legal compliance, and accountability when it comes to proper medical equipment recycling …. LEARN MORE

IT Asset Remarketing in Boston greater area

IT Asset Remarketing involves reducing your overall IT asset ownership costs by reclaiming their value. With this you can optimize the returns on your end-of-life assets, all the while maintaining a strict focus on chain-of-custody, data security, and compliance with environmental laws and regulations..Capture computer value with IT Asset Remarketing Services.

IT Asset Remarketing in Boston greater area

Our paper recycling shredding service includes the thorough destruction of sensitive and confidential documents, guaranteeing full compliance with state, federal, and industry regulations and guidelines.  Learn more about our document shredding services here.

Accepted Recyclable Electronic Equipment List

We can help you recycle the following electronic equipment.  Waltham businesses, schools, hospitals and non-profits give us a call us at 617-366-1743 for pickup information.

Audio/Video Equipment
Batteries / UPS
CD/DVD/VHS Players
Circuit Cards
Computer Memory
Dental Equipment
Docking Stations
GPS Devices
Hard Drives
Hospital Equipment
Laboratory Equipment / Hardware
LCD Monitors
Medical Equipment
Mobile Devices
Networking Hardware
New and Obsolete and Used Toner
Personal Computers
POS Equipment
Power Chords
Power Supplies
Precious Metals
Routers / Repeaters
Solid State Drives (SSD)
Telephones & Telephone Systems (telephony)

And More


With convenient locations in Billerica, MA and Waltham, MA, and servicing all of the surrounding areas, we are your go-to solution for the environmentally safe disposal of used office electronics.

Bostons Best Corporate Computer Recycling Services and More…

Recycling It All Starts With a Call: 617-366-1743 

Our Recycling Services, in detail…

Corporate Computer Recycling for Boston and Throughout

Surplus Technology Solutions stands as a comprehensive Corporate Computer Recycling firm, having earned trust in the computer recycling industry since 2008. We specialize in offering certified Computer Recycling, Certified Hard Drive Shredding, and ITAD Services to various sectors, including corporate, medical, educational, and data center facilities. Our tailored Computer Recycling services are available both on-site and in flexible arrangements, and we ensure that all clients receive certified destruction certificates to meet their compliance needs.

Responsible Electronics Recycling

Engaging in Responsible Electronics Recycling is our commitment. We take the proper disposal of electronics seriously, meticulously disassembling and sorting each component by material type. 

If your business is seeking an improved solution for e-waste disposal, our Boston area based electronics recycling service is here to assist.

Certified Hard Drive Shredding Destruction Services

Our commitment to safety and security extends to hard drive and destruction, where we implement the same reliable, state-of-the-art chain-of-custody protocols. With our certified on-site hard drive destruction service, your sensitive information remains confidential throughout the process. Opting for our service means that every hard drive undergoes meticulous scanning and the recording of their serial numbers, ensuring a comprehensive record of the entire procedure.

On-Site Document Shredding Services

Modern business owners often face the challenges of effectively disposing of outdated materials, including paper documents, data storage media, cardboard, and other no longer needed items. It can be a daunting task to find the best method of disposal while maintaining the privacy of your information. We can help.

We prioritize the protection of your organization’s reputation by securely shredding sensitive and confidential paper documents, destroying and recycling storage media, and guaranteeing compliance with state, federal, and industry regulations and guidelines. With us, you can rest easy, knowing that the risk of penalties, fines, or legal action is eliminated.

Recycling Your Laboratory Equipment

Neglected laboratory equipment that is unused or obsolete has the potential to pose security risks to your organization. The outdated technology within these devices can become vulnerable to exploitation by unauthorized individuals, putting sensitive information at risk. Merely disposing of these items contributes to electronic waste and the depletion of valuable natural resources. At Surplus Technology Solutions in Waltham, Massachusetts, we understand these challenges and provide a holistic solution for the responsible recycling of laboratory equipment.

Medical Equipment Recycling 

In the fast-changing world of healthcare technology, the demand for responsible medical equipment recycling has reached unprecedented levels. Surplus Technology Solutions, the trusted leader in Massachusetts, is dedicated to raising the bar for medical equipment recycling. Our aim is to guarantee the safety, security, and environmental awareness that hospitals, clinics, laboratories, biotech firms, and other medical facilities rightfully expect.

IT Asset Remarketing for Boston Area

When your company’s IT assets have reached the end of their usefulness, discarding them is not only wasteful but can also be illegal. Sometimes a thorough IT asset remarketing program presents numerous advantages. It can help in reducing the total cost of ownership for IT assets by reclaiming their remaining value. Moreover, such a program aligns with environmental responsibility and legal compliance. In many cases, it can mean the difference between your company receiving a check instead of an invoice!

Surplus Technology Solutions provides the full range of IT Asset Disposition services. 

We Make It Easy!

Schedule a Pickup, We’ll Grab Your Recyclable Electronics and Dispose of Them!  Call 617-366-1743


Sustainable ITAD & Electronics Waste Solutions For Every Industry

Surplus Technology Solutions has 16 years of responsible recycling and waste diversion experience. With locations in Billerica and Waltham, MA, we’re a complete IT asset disposition provider, including end-of-life electronics recycling, data destruction, brand protection, and return-on-investment on resale IT assets.

Full service e-waste recycling, data destruction, and IT asset disposition services are provided for corporate clients throughout Greater Boston and Massachusetts, Southern NH, RI, and ME.

Surplus Technology Solutions is dedicated to responsible recycling practices and efficient electronics lifecycle management. We handle every step in the recycling ITAD process so our clients can be certain the job will be done correctly. Our in-house refurbishing, shredding, and recycling services allow us to have greater chain of custody and reduce liability. With Surplus Technology Solutions you can be assured your data is secure and you are getting the best ROI with your electronics recycling needs. LEARN MORE

Effortless Corporate Computer Recycling in Greater Boston Area

In the fast-paced corporate world, efficient solutions are essential. That’s why we offer a streamlined Corporate Computer Recycling service that caters to your business’s needs. With our quick pickup service, you can dispose of outdated tech hassle-free, making room for computer gear while contributing to a sustainable future! Don’t let old computers clutter your workspace; contact us for a seamless recycling experience.  Our commitment to responsible tech disposal is unwavering. When you partner with us you’re not just decluttering your office; you’re contributing to resource conservation and environmental protection. We make sure that your old computers are recycled in an eco-friendly and secure manner, giving you peace of mind while making a positive impact. Contact us for your corporate computer recycling needs.

Computer Recycling Services



Call us to schedule an on-site pickup, to receive a quote, or to get answers for any questions you may have—one of our ITAD specialists will promptly assist you.

Computer Recycling Services



Call us to schedule an on-site pickup, to receive a quote, or to get answers for any questions you may have—one of our ITAD specialists will promptly assist you.


Find the Laboratory Equipment Recycling Solution That Best Fits Your Business

Find the Computer Recycling Solution That Best Fits Your Business

Computer Recycling Services

Surplus Technology Solutions is your single source for corporate e-waste recycling, corporate computer recycling, hard drive data destruction, IT asset recovery, as well as IT asset remarketing. We provide corporate and commercial e-waste and computer recycling services, certified hard drive shredding, data center decommissioning, complete move and liquidation services, and corporate recycling events. LEARN MORE



155 Berkley Street
Waltham, MA 02451

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